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About Premiere 1 Dental

Why join us?

Premiere 1 is established as a full-service laboratory services provider using the most up to date technologies, workflows and processes combined with outstanding partnerships with some of the industry’s most innovative manufacturing companies. Premiere 1’s team is pioneering systems to deliver best in class restorative services couched in a first-class customer care experience that drives cost out of the system and variability out of the outcomes.

Premiere1 can offer a complete suite of online support services including but not exclusive to:

  • Online scheduling of pick-ups
  • Online pre-entering of cases with special instructions
  • Online prescriptions
  • Online uploads of digital (.stl) files and photos

  • Online case management: 

  • Online delivery date confirmation
  • Online access and printing of invoices and Statements
  • Online bill pay
  • Online case tracking with most major logistics companies

Premiere 1 accepts digital intra-oral scans in partnership with all leading DI system providers.

    With Premiere 1, you can expect: 

    No rush fees 
    No remake fees 
    Limited lifetime warranty 
    Full suite of restorative products:
    • Cosmetic restorations
    • Implants & attachments
    • Removable prosthetics
    • Cast partial dentures
    • Crown & bridge services
    • Orthodontic services
    End-to-end digital expertise
    • 3d printing
    • Selective laser melting (slm) 
    • Dental milling
    • Comprehensive workflow 
    Crown & implant bundles
    •  Analog Soft tissue model 
    • Custom abutment 
    • Placement screw 
    • Placement jig 
    •  Crown of your choice*

    *Full Contour or Porcelain to Zirconia; Porcelain fused to noble or high noble alloy; eMax®

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